Deep Mind Insight

Deep Mind Insight

Deep Mind Insight uses the M3 Checklist and DANA Brain Modular assessments to create a psychological and cognitive report on the client at the beginning, middle and end of treatment as an indication of treatment progression and counselor effectiveness. For details on the M3 Checklist and DANA Modular, see below:

M3 Checklist

  • 27 questions completed online in a browser window in 5 minutes
  • Clinically validated measurement of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, substance misuse, functional impairment and suicidal tendency
  • Provides a single number, the M3 Score, that represents the likelihood of a clinically significant disorder
  • Two reports: one for the counselor and a layman’s version for the patient

DANA Modular

  • Neurobehavioral and cognitive efficiency screening
  • FDA cleared brain vital sign measuring and monitoring
  • App-based, 25 minutes
  • 9 different assessments
  • Stimulus perception, decision-making, and motor response
  • Quick and simple method for capturing longitudinal, cognitive biometrics
  • Used by US Special Forces and professional sports teams