How it Works

Availability and Accessibility
when they need it most.

Through our national network of behavioral health counselors, patients can easily schedule next-day appointments online. Our collaborative care approach means we work closely with physicians and healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the best treatment in the shortest amount of time possible. Following is how our process works:


Provider refers client to eHome Counseling. Patient enrolls with us. In most cases, patients can schedule an appointment for the next day. We make it easy, with three ways to schedule an appointment:

Take M3 and DANA Assessments

Patient takes inventory tests as appropriate to assess baseline mental health status.

Engage in Counseling

Patient participates in individual sessions with a trained mental health counselor.

Reassess and Report

Assess patient progress with M3 and DANA assessments. Routinely report client progress to referring or PCP provider.

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We work with doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure coordinated care and provide the best possible patient outcomes in the shortest amount of time.
Easy online appointment scheduling with next day appointments available.
Because all counseling is done at the patient’s location of choice, the social stigma of being seen in a counselor’s office is eliminated, providing privacy, confidentiality, and the ability to remain anonymous. All information is protected by HIPAA, using fully compliant technology solutions.
Patients can receive treatment anywhere, providing both convenience and easy accessibility. Services are offered any time through smart phone, tablet, or computer.
Our Deep Mind Insight™ program provides quantifiable assessment of progress. M3 evaluation combined with a counseling evaluation allows for complete diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan. Through quantitative assessment, we can predict when a patient has reached their goals and reached wholeness.
91% of our patients reported their condition improved following treatment vs. 83% of the national average of clinical counseling.* eHome Counseling has an under 10% no show rate compared to the typical 25% no show rate.
We use the Sixth Sense Counselor Performance Model™ to recruit, select, and hire only the best counselors. Our counselors are licensed and certified.
eHome Behavioral Counseling has the most innovative counseling program in the country, with video counseling, Deep Mind Insight™ predictive analytics, Sixth Sense counselors, and client portals.
*Based on a survey sent to over 13,000 patients, representing 170 counselors conducted during the spring of 2015.